If you are a nervous patient who has been putting off dental treatment then conscious sedation ( Twilight Sleep) is a great solution. The drug used is midazolam, which is now used for a lot of minor procedures in hospital. Patients are still awake, can speak and move but will be very relaxed and be able to recall little of what they have experienced as the drug has powerful amnesic properties. Patients are continuously monitored and our practice has four specially trained dental nurses who have their diplomas in Conscious Sedation. Patients can successfully have treatment for appointments of up to 90 minutes, which allows for practically all dental procedures to be carried out.

Three of our dentists do treatment under sedation and have been doing so for many years. They regularly attend update courses and have treated many patients with this technique.


Dental Phobia

One in four of us suffer from anxiety before a dentist appointment. At Parks Dental Care we understand our patients’ fears and are sensitive to your unique needs.

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    Dr Michael Park

    With over 30 years experience, Dr Park has special interests in sedation for nervous patients.

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